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Envision Eye Bank

Imagine coming back into sight after living in a world of darkness. Envision is dedicated to eliminating corneal blindness worldwide. One of only 70 eye banks in the US, we use leading-edge technology to obtain, medically evaluate, and transplant corneal eye tissue from humanitarians who donate their eyes upon passing away. We send corneal tissue for transplant throughout Idaho, the US, and the world. Every year, close to 300 people afflicted with blindness are given the gift of sight through transplants provided by Envision. It’s a gift that changes everything, even your whole perspective on what’s possible.

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EBAA Accreditation:

California 2019 License:

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California Tissue Bank License

July 9, 2019- July 7,2020

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“Thank you for your loved ones precious donation”

“Thank you for your loved one’s precious donation that I was so blessed to receive. I know that you suffered a great loss in order to make it possible to receive this gift. I have battled cancer, brain surgery, and your loved one’s most precious gift will help me to keep my eye sight. Thank you and your loved one, and know that I will always be grateful.”

Corneal Transplant Recipient


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It’s easy to sign up to be an eye donor. No matter your age or medical condition, you can make a dramatic difference in someone’s life. Over 98% of all corneal transplants successfully restore the recipient’s vision. An estimated 47,000 transplants were performed in North America last year. Currently more than 6,000 people are awaiting corneal transplants in the US.


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