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2018 Impact

Corneal transplants

187 Eye Donors
300 Cornea Transplants

More than 300 people afflicted with blindness were given the gift of sight this year from 187 eye donor cornea transplants.

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Vision clinic

140 Patients
310 Glasses Dispensed
24 Vision Clinic Days

We provided screenings to 140 patients during 24 Vision Clinic days and dispensed 310 pairs of eyeglasses to low income individuals who lack vision insurance and are unable to afford an eye exam and pair of prescription eyeglasses

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Health care


49 Sight Restorative Surgeries
$48,696.51 Dispersed

With $48,696.51 in healthcare assistance, we restored vision through 49 corneal transplants to patients who otherwise couldn’t afford the surgeries.

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Glasses & hearing aid recycling

90,508 Glasses Recycled
34 Hearing Aids Fitted
$4,583 Dispersed

2018 was a record year for our eyeglass recycling program. We distributed 90,508 pairs of eyeglasses worldwide. We also refurbished and fitted 34 hearing aids.

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You can change lives


What your donation provides

Every $50 donated provides an eye exam with a pair of glasses

Every $200 donated provides a hearing aid

Every $1000 donated restores eye sight to someone that suffers from corneal blindness

A growing unmet need

Envision has historically relied upon income from the Eye Bank and small event fundraisers to provide the funding for its assistance programs and humanitarian outreach. Even with our history of careful and conservative financial management, the current revenue is inadequate to either increase our humanitarian outreach or expand our corneal transplants without sacrificing the work of the other.

An enhanced endowment will not only enable Envision to fulfill its mission as a high quality provider of sight and hearing assistance, but will also help to position the organization to achieve its long-term goal of establishing a state-of-the-art eye institute to serve the people of the region.

By establishing this endowment, we will expand critical surgical services and health screenings to meet more of the need in our region while allowing the corneal transplant side of Envision to grow and prosper.

The long-term effect of a significant endowment would be to expand and strengthen both eye bank and humanitarian outreach, thereby touching the lives of many more of those in severe need.


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