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 Idaho Lions Vision Clinic

You don’t know how much you rely on your eyes until they fail you. This happens to thousands of people in our community who lack vision insurance—ultimately dimming and damaging their lives. The Idaho Lions Vision Clinic offers eye exams and prescription glasses to people who lack vision insurance and couldn’t otherwise afford it. Staffed by volunteer optometrists and opticians, the Idaho Lions Vision Clinic eliminates barriers to better eye care, and is here to help you see clearly, now.

If you or a loved one is in need of an eye exam and/or pair of prescription eyeglasses, please contact Envision at 208-388-5466 or fill out the form below.


 “I’m so grateful for your help”

 "I want to thank you, and the people who helped me get new glasses. I have gone without for two years, and my eye sight has gotten worse. Now with your help in getting me a brand new pair of glasses I can see better when I drive, especially at night. I can read fine print, and I can see the lines on my coloring book pages, which is a hobby of mine. I can see the television and read my Bible. I am so grateful for all of your help. Once again, thank you."

Eyeglasses recipient - Parma ID


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